Julie – Co-Owner, Personal Trainer, Pre & Post Natal Coach

Hi :)

I am a Mum of 2 boys under 5, have a husband, house and co-own a business so I know its not easy trying to fit time in for yourself, but if you can set aside 3 hours a week out of the possible 168 hours in a week, you will never look back :)

Since the age of 16 when I finished school I have always been constantly trying to control my weight, spending hours in the gym, you know the kind? The one on the Crosstrainer for an hour at a time reading a book! My weight fluctuated constantly, I was never happy how I looked and could never find the answer to help me :-/

After my last child was born in 2011 I knew I had to sort myself out, not only the way I looked but I had the responsibility of looking after two children and wanted to lead by example and have a healthy lifestyle. I joined the local leisure centre and this is where my life turned around for the better :) For my first class I went for the typical “legs, bums and tums” class, thinking I would be doing some grapevines, how wrong was I!! I endured 6 days of aching after that one 60 min class but it felt good and had that urge to go back :) I then researched more into the classes available as I loved the style/intensity.

My Mum sadly took ill in April 2012, upto now the classes were about changing me physically but this then changed to helping me mentally. The classes helped me cope with the devastating news that my Mum only had weeks to live, the training helped me to keep going, it was my “me” time, people just saw me as a person who wanted to get fit, it kept me focussed. My Mum passed away in the May 2012, my mental health deteriorated, I needed to do everything I could to prevent myself from becoming ill. I developed a health anxiety which I still have now but I cope a lot better with it and my training and nutrition help me a lot! I started to focus on my nutrition, I didn’t want anything I did to contribute to me becoming ill like my mum :-/ The doctors wanted me to go on anti-depressants but I wanted to help myself without taking prescription drugs. I started to implement healthier eating and increase my training. I did 2 warrior circuit classes a week and a 1-2-1 session,. I started to become more positive about myself, I was seeing a counsellor at the time to help me grieve my Mum but it was the training that was making my mind more healthy, I started to have a positive attitude about life, I felt amazing and started to look amazing :D

I have never looked back since I changed my lifestyle at the end of 2011. I have a positive mindset, my body has changed completely and I love how strong I have become. I enjoyed the effortless lifestyle that much that in December 2014 I opened AthElite in May 2015. It hasn’t been an easy ride as many new business owners know, there are always hurdles at the beginning but we are now on our second year and have not looked back :D


I have successfully passed my Personal Training qualification and am loving teaching people on a 1-2-1 basis. Love helping people both mentally and physically as I have been down that path and know how much more you get out of life if you have a positive mindset :) I enjoy helping people work outside of their comfort zone and showing them that they CAN actually do things that they thought they were incapable of. I am still on a learning curve myself as a qualification is just a piece of paper the real experience is LIFE!



In December 2016 I successfully became a qualified Pre & Post Natal Exercise Coach :) It is so important to keep fit during and after pregnancy, the benefits are endless.